Goddess Cosplay • Inspirational Nude Photos

Nude Photography Created to Uplift and Inspire

Goddess Cosplay: Guiding you to great ideas.

Created by Jessica "The J Curve" Thomsen

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We are drawn to beauty, let it lift us up.

If inspirational nude art is censored, then we will find nudity in other places – that are less inspiring…

This is why artists and philosophers from India, to Greece, to the Italian Renaissance, used this form of expression as a means to educate, inspire, and enlighten. It’s just a basic human fact, sex sells. So why not sell something positive, empowering, and uplifting?

My intent is the same as those Renaissance artists and philosophers who used eroticism and nudity to educate, inspire, and give birth to an Enlightenment.

This is because I believe that beauty is an instrument that can and should be used for good. 

After all, beauty, desire, and attraction are present in all of us. We all have the power to point that towards something positive, empowering, and uplifting.

My monthly Goddess Cosplays do just that: storytelling, mythology, history, and inspiration through nude photography. This is my way of reviving a desire for these old stories and creatively representing the tales of Goddesses.

This art inspires me, does it inspire you?

If it does, I would be grateful to receive your support through your patronage.

Once upon a time, only kings, queens, and the wealthy could decide what art was worthy of funding (patronage), or not. Being a patron of the arts was a title afforded to very few. But now the individual has the power to support art that is meaningful to them – through likes, shares, and by becoming a patron.