Goddess Cosplay

Like Renaissance philosophers, I believe that desire and passion can turn our attention to excellence. Like Renaissance artists, I am creating art to guide us on that journey.

Goddess Cosplay is philosophy, mythology, and storytelling through nude photography.

Nudity ≠ Porn

Nudity is synonymous with shame, vulgarity, and fear. We often see it used to sell meaningless products and short term pleasure. We have even turned our bodies into “porn” or something we should be ashamed of sharing.

Life is too short to feel ashamed of our bodies and our desires.

Let beauty uplift us

We are drawn to beauty, let it lift us up. I create nude photography every month based on the stories of Goddesses through different histories and cultures. 

This is the way I share the beauty that I see in the world and within myself with you.

To a new renaissance

Did you know that Renaissance artists and philosophers used eroticism and nudity to educate, inspire, and give birth to an Enlightenment? This is because they saw nudity as a natural source of beauty, inspiration, and self love. 

This is why I use these ideas to point our desires to something higher. Something positive, empowering, and uplifting.

Let desire inspire

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